Shoulder Dislocation June 13, 2009

This X-ray image shows my shoulder in a full anterior dislocation position.
The ball of the Humerus (arm bone) is stuck in front of the
Scapula (shoulder bone) about two inches from where it should be.

This X-ray image was taken after the shoulder had been
put back in place (called a shoulder “reduction”).

1.  The dimple is caused by the humerus bone being absent.
2.  The small bulge is where the top of the humerus is while dislocated.
The cool thing is that because this condition is externally visible,
emergency room waiting times are greatly reduced!

What the X-rays do not show is the soft tissue.
Along with the bone being about two inches out of position, all of the muscles,
tendons, and ligaments attached to the humerus and scapula are also stretched out by an inch or more.
This stretching causes great pain after the first few minutes requiring the “reduction” to be done under
“conscious sedation” in the emergency room (which is not the same thing as a “general” anesthetic).

The resulting damage to the Capsule, Glenoid, and Labrum make the shoulder “unstable”
and susceptible to additional dislocations.  In addition, multiple dislocations can cause a lesion or fracture
(a groove called a Hills-Sachs lesion) in the ball of the Humerus (Humeral Head) which increases the instability.
(I don’t know if these X-rays show it, but I have been diagnosed with having a Hills-Sachs lesion
based on more detailed X-rays taken after the October, 2006 incident.)

Note:  These images were not “Photoshopped”.  OK, actually I did use PhotoShop to add the arrows and text.
However the bone positions were not altered at all, thus proving that the humerus can do things that are not
humorous at all!

10/17/1991 – Original dislocation (Aragon High School, San Mateo, reduction by Pete) 

11/19/1994 – 2nd dislocation (Singapore) 

3/11/1996 – 3rd dislocation (Dallas, Texas)

10/8/1996 – First Surgery (Bankhart repair, Dr. Casanave, Santa Clara Kaiser)

7/17/1998 – 4th dislocation (Huddard Park, Redwood City Kaiser) 

8/30/1998 – 5th dislocation (San Diego, Pete’s Wedding, partial, reduction by myself.)

9/17/1998 – Second Surgery (Bankhart repair, Dr. Casanave, Santa Clara Kaiser)

10/7/2006 – 6th dislocation (Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, Oakland Kaiser) 

6/13/2009 – 7th dislocation (San Jose CA, [NEW] Santa Clara Kaiser) 

8/8/2015 - 8th dislocation (Flagstaff Arizona, Extreme Adventure Park, Flagstaff Hospital) 

4/8/2016 - 9th dislocation (At home in kitchen cleaning low cabinet.  FIRST full self-reduction) 

9/16/2017 - 10th dislocation (Santa Cruz at Yemanja Festival.  SECOND full self-reduction) 
Note: Tuesday after that Saturday was one of the greatest pain days ever!

2/10/2018 - 11th and 12th dislocations (Luis and Fabi's House, Sunnyvale, CA.  THIRD and FORTH full self-reduction) 
Note: Rookie move. Made touchdown victory sign and had it come out twice in less that five minutes.