Conga Clinics  

No Conga Clinics Scheduled at this time.
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to arrange private or small group lessons.

Conga Clinics at Brad's House the first Thursday of every month

Conga Class Dates: First Thursday of every month

$15 per class

7:00-7:30pm - First Timers must attend for introduction.
7:30-9:00pm - Combined Conga Clinic for all levels.

Class Description
There is no such thing as a "Conga Player".  People who play conga drums are
"Percussionist" by their very nature.  In order to play conga drums, you must
study the concept of "clave" as well as the instrument.  You must also understand
a number of different ethnic and cultural "forms" in order to understand the different
rhythms that you must learn to play.  In addition, unlike the agogo or tamborim,
you must develop a certain level of hand "technique" in order to hit the drum
properly and produce an appropriate variety of sounds.

For all of these reasons, learning conga drumming is not easy, and can hardly
be covered in a one or two hour session.  In fact, in most of my beginning
conga classes, I spend at least the first half an hour explaining the concepts
in the paragraph above in greater detail.  We usually spend the second half
leaning the basic technique for hitting the drum, and then briefly try to teach
the first rhythm or pattern.

I now have a number of students at various levels that prefer the group lesson
or clinic approach to taking private lessons.  I also have a number of new folks
that want to get started playing this versatile instrument.  Thus, I have attempted
to create a clinic structure to accommodate all levels.

First Timers and Newer Folks:
It will be very important to arrive on time at the required time of 7:00pm!
We will only have one half an hour to get you up to speed so that you can
participate in and gain value from the remainder of the class.

Existing and Experience Folks:
You may come at 7:00pm for review or arrive more casually at 7:30.
We will create a curriculum each night based on who is there and what
they want to learn.  Be prepare for a certain amount of review each
week, but I also pledge to try to introduce something new also!

In general, bring you own congas!  Anyone serious about learning to play
will need their own drums for practice, and thus you should bring and play
those drums for class, every time.  I have a certain amount of drums available
for first timers and those that have not yet made the big purchase.  However,
if you own drums, please bring them.  If you come expecting use mine, you
may be taking a drum that could be used by a newer member of the group.
As for Claves, Cinceros, Quiro, Maracas, Bongos, Agogos, etc., I have those,
so you don't need to bring those extras.  (Hint: If you don't know all the words
in the last sentence, you should plan to come at 7:00pm!)

I have tried to design a "come when you can make it" type of class (very difficult).
So to give me an idea of who to expect and what to plan, please send an RSVP
when you are pretty sure you are going to come.  You may send and email message
to or call me at 408-280-0193.

Class Content

Afro-Cuban Hand Technique
Afro-Brazilian Hand Technique
Clave (Son/Rumba/Bossa Nova)
African Roots/Folkloric Derivations
Ear Development (Listening)
Drum construction and maintenance
Drum tuning and "boards"

Cuban Brazilian
Conga Drums
Reco Reco

Cuban Brazilian
Cha Cha Cha
Samba di Joda
Barra Vento